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JAK Asma-Shafi


A Wonderful opportunity to purchase a beautifully presented bright and spacious 1431-1540sft. Space each floor, ideally situated in Plot no 108/A, Sugandha R/A, Chittagong. J.A.K. Holdings Ltd. With its promise to deliver quality building, ensure a unique development designed for the young city professionals with the modem city life facilities on your door step.


Internal Specification of Apartments
Apartments will consist of Three bedrooms :
Master bed, Child bed & Guest bed. Bath Room Two Attached and one common. One kitchen, One Dining, Drawing and 4 Balcony.

> RAK/BISF/Equivalent standard fittings and fixtures.
> Ceramic Glazed tiles in bathrooms up to ceiling height (RAK/Fu Wang / Star / Great Wall / Equiv).
> All bathrooms with homogeneous floor tiles (RAK/Fu Wang/Star/ Great Wall/Equi).
> Standard size mirrors in bathrooms with overhead light.
> All bathrooms doors will have waterproof PVC door.
> Concealed hot and cold water lines in master bathroom only.
> Nicely arranged bathroom fittings and fixtures (Sharif/ Sattar/ Ratan/ Market Standard).
> Essentially correct uniform floor sloped toward water outlet.

> Homogeneous Tiles in all floors (16"x16"/12"x12").
(24"x24" /16"x16") Fu Wang/ RAK/ Star/ Great Wall/ Akiz Tiles/ Equivalent.

> Foreign/ Local electrical switches, circuit breakers, plug points and other fittings (MK Type).
> Light fixture in stair and lobby.
> Independent electric meter in each apartment.
> Electrical distribution box with Main Switch.
> Concealed electrical wiring (BBS/BRB/SQ/Poly/Sunshine/Citizen).
> All power outlets with earthing connection.
> Provision for air conditioner in master bedroom & drawing room.
> Four Emergency points in each apartment (02 light & 01 Fan).
> Emergency power in lift, lobby, passage of intercom service, common spaces like car parking, reception area, security room and main gate.
> Cable TV outline in Living and Master bed only.
> Telephone connection point in living & master bedroom.

> Solid imported decorative main Entrance Door with: -
Check Viewer - Solid Brass Door Knocker
- Apartment Number
- Doors handle with security Lock.
> All doors with good quality mortise mocks and aluminum fittings.
> Sliding windows with 5 mm glass completed with mohair lining and rainwater barrier with aluminium section (BTA / KAI/ Alco / Aramit / Equi).
> Good quality locks in windows.
> Internal Doors are of strong and durable flush door Shutters with French polish.
> All internal Door frames are made of Mehgani/Gorjan as per seasonal availability.
> Grills with matching color enamel paint (Berger/Asian)in all windows.

> Outside walls are plastered 5" standard brickwork.
> All interior walls are also plastered 5" Brick work.
> Rooftop parapet wall.

> Homogeneous floor Tiles (RAK/Fu Wang/Star/ Great Wall) in Kitchen floor.
> Provision for suitably located exhaust fan.
> One high polished stainless Counter Top Steel Sink.
> A 2.5 feet band of wall tiles running on walls along the sink & gas cooker (RAK/ FU-Wang/MIR Equi).
> Provision for Double burner Gas outlet.

> Weather Coat paint on outside walls (Berger/Asian).
> Smooth finished and soft colored distemper on all internal walls ceilings (Berger/Asian).
> Enamel Paint on the ceiling color as matched with Bathroom Tiles (Berger/Asian).
> French polished Door frames & Shutters.
> Balcony railing according to the design of perspective.

> Two best quality water pumps (one standby) (Gazi/Bg-Flow/RFL or equivalent)
> All water line will be concealed with PPR Pipe.
> Water reservoir designed to hold two day's water supply with additional One day in the roof top tank.
> Karnafully Gas approved concealed Gas line layout design.
> Gas pipe line connection from Karnafully Gas Distribution System as per total calculated consumption with adequate safety measures.
> Approved quality Karnafully Gas materials (Karnafully Gas supplied).

General Amenities
> Heavy secured gateway with decorative lamps and Brass plate logo of the Complex " By the name of Developer. "
> Spacious entrance driveway with security arrangement for control of incoming & outgoing persons, vehicles, goods, etc.
> Main lobby & Reception area in secured premises with an impressive Concierge Desk complete with Mail boxes.
> Stair case with easy to climb steps & adequate lighting.
> Protective parapet wall on roof top
> Separate manual fire Extinguisher in each floor
>One standby Emergency Generator for operating in case of power failure of Lift
  - The water pumps
  - Lighting in common spaces and stairs.
  - Four points in each apartment.
>Superior quality imported One lift (Korean/China) from reputed manufacturer to be with:
  - capacity of lifting 06 (Six) passengers.
  - adequate lighting.
  - well-furnished and attractive doors & cabin.
  - emergency alarm and escape provision.

Reception Area:
  - Reception desk with Tile top
  - Tiles in floor.
  - 24 Hours security vigilance with CCTV Specially Lift & Lobby area.
> Driver's waiting room with bathroom and kitchen facilities.
> Management office & community space at the rooftop.

Salient Features
Building Entrance An impressive entrance gate with lamp post and the "J.A.K Asma-Shafi * Logo on polished Brass plate welcomes one to this contemporary apartment. The heavy secured gateway leads to a spacious covered parking floor.

Reception Lobby An elegantly designed main Reception lobby decorated with Tiles. Mail Boxes and a stylish reception counter covered with Tile Top for visitor's check-in. An elegant guest waiting area highlights the Reception lobby.

Lift, Lobbies & Staircase A major element of convenience & comfort is the lift that will be selected to exacting best Standards. This comes in impressive colored doors & cabin and providing fast & reliable services to residents on all floors. Best levels of safety will be maintained in the specifications.

The staircase will be well located and easily accessible with easy to climb stairs. This leads to lobbies on each floor.

Apartment Layouts The total layout will be thoughtfully arranged to maximize advantages especially in relation to the day light and the cross ventilation throughout. Privacy will be emphasized by spreading the layout from end to end. The master and the Child bedroom have been located away from the guest areas.

Apartment Foyer An elegant entrance door open to a stylish foyer. Apartment foyer will be designed to maintain privacy with the unknown guests.

Optional Features Various interior designing & additional fittings and fixtures as per choice of clients may be arranged at cost basis after the approval of the company.

Structural & General Engineering
>Structural Design parameters based on American Concrete Institute (ACI) and American Standards of Testing Materials (ASTM) Codes.
>Sub-Soil Investigation and Soil composition comprehensively analyzed by latest testing equipment’s and laboratory techniques.
>Heavy Reinforced Cement Concrete Foundation.
>Total foundation and superstructure Design and Supervision by a team of reputed and professional Structural Design Engineers.
>Systematic Structural Combination of Steel Reinforced Concrete Frame shear wall Core.
>Reinforced Cement Concrete Floor Slabs.
>Comprehensive Section by Section Checking and Testing of all Steel reinforcement by professional Design and Structure Engineers.
>Structure capable of withstanding earthquakes measuring up to 8.0 on Richter scale.
>Major Structural Materials :
- Cement : Confedence/ Royal/ Lafarge or equivalent
- Steel: Manufactured by: BSRM/KSRM/GPH/RSRM/Rahim Steel or Reputed Company.
- Chips: Stone Chips Bholagonj, Sylhet & Brick Chips with good quality.
- Bricks: Standard Brick: Best quality available bricks.
- Coarse Sand: Sylhet,
- Local Sand:
> All Structural Materials including Steel, Cement. Bricks. Sylhet Sand and other aggregates etc. of the highest standard and screened for quality including Laboratory Testing.
> Direct supervision at every stage of construction by team of experienced and qualified Civil Engineers to ensure highest quality workmanship
> Systematic Testing of concrete and other completed work samples at every stage from quality control laboratories.